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Extinction and reintroduction of poliomyelitis

Polio Eradication
Source: <a href="">Global Polio Eradication Initiative</a>

The results presented on this page were obtained, using stochastic models. In conrast to the deterministic models, stochastic models can be used to examine effects in populations of realistic size

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  • Local extinction
    The transmission of an infection within a small population can cease simply because of stochastic effects, even without vaccination. In order to establisch endemic transmission, the population must exceed a critical population size. The probability of extinction further increases with vaccination.

  • When can we be sure that extinction has occurred?
    Only one in about 100 bis 400 infected individuals develop the dreaded clinical signs of ``infantile paralysis''. It is, therefore, not easy to infer the absence of wild virus infection from the absence of clinical cases. Only after 3 to 5 years without a single case allows us to assume with some certainty that wild virus does no longer circulate.