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InfluSim (Version 2.1; released on 2 April 2008) - Pandemic influenza planning tool InfluSim (version 2.1)

Unfortunately, it is not possible to run the new version 2.1 directly on the www. You may download the new version though (see below) and run it on your own computer. If you want to see what InfluSim is all about, you can run the old version 1.3 on the www, by clicking here:

(needs JAVA version 1.4)

The programme InfluSim v. 2.1 allows to predict the course of an influenza epidemic in a fully susceptible population (pandemic influenza). The user can change parameter values describing the age and rick composition of the population via sliders or input fields. The following interventions are considered: treatment of cases, (partial) isolation of cases, change of contact behaviour in the population (through behavioural changes, the cancelling of events of mass gathering or the closing of day care centers and schools). The program calculates for each day of the outbreak the number of infected individuals, the influenza-related number of work days lost, the number of outpatient visits, hospitalizations and drug doses prescribed, as well as the attached costs. The simulation is based on a deterministic model wich is described by an interacting set of more than 1000 differential equations.

(; including the source code)


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