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The presented simulation programs allows to evaluate how effectively a smallpox attack can be controlled by means of case isolation and contact tracing. Financed by the German Ministry of Health (BMGS), we have developed a more sophisticated, individual-based simulation tool for the Robert Koch Institut (RKI), Berlin, Germany, which allows to examine more scenarios and to combine more interventions. To prevent any misuse of our program, we can only supply a restricted version of the simulation to the public. We specifically suppress the output of the number of cases whenever the total exceeds 1000 (starting with 100 index cases). Details of the underlying model were published in a publication in the American Journal of Epidemiology and in a commentary in Epidemiology. You can find further simulation tools on Martin Eichner's didactics page.

In no event, shall the University to Tübingen, or any person be liable for any loss, expense or damage, of any type or nature arising out of the use of, or inability to use this program (SimPox), including, but not limited to, claims or suits.

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